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slim_jabroni's Journal
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Date:2007-03-26 13:40
Subject:Some Crap
Mood: crazy

Well, the weekend was good, as far as weekends go I guess.

Saturday Candace, the kids, and I went to the zoo. We bought a year long pass, for a fairly reasonable $130. Now if they get on my nerves I can always take them to the zoo, and have them get on my nerves somewhere else! It was also nice because you dont have this hurried need to do as much stuff as possible. We got a pass, who cares if we miss the bats or lions or elephants, or whatever.

Sunday was a bit more laid back. I had a game at the university, our final one for the indoor season. We lost by lots, but thats cause we are all old guys. I am actually the youngest on the team, and we are playing university sophomores and freshmen. At least we won once this year, so I guess we'll take it. Went to the bar after and had some wings. It's been a while since I have been out for wings, it was nice. Then home, where Candace made a dinner for her sick Granny and took it over to them. That was nice of her. Then I made supper for all of us, it was pretty good, a nice rare roast. I cant stand when people over-cook roast. Beef tastes best when its slightly done. I need JUICE! So anyways, that and gravy and mashed potatoes and kick-ass glazed carrots. It totally reeked of awesomeness.

Kids went to sleep well on Sunday night. Lately the boy has been staying up 3 hours past his bedtime, its so fucking annoying.  SO what do we do with this blissful silence?? Candace does an instance on WoW, and I flip channels til 10:30, get bored, go lie down in bed with my Time Magazine and fall asleep. WOOOO exciting.

NEXT - I try and crack 300,000 points on Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine on Hard. Currently I have a score of 282,456. Either that, or try and actually finish level 7...

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Date:2007-03-21 10:05
Mood: aggravated

I just got a call from the mechanic, and found out that its going to be $1300 to fix our Neon. It's a 1995, absolutely no bells and whistles stick shift, that has given us next to no problems over the ten years that Candace, then Candace and I, have had it. In October of 2006, I took it to the mechanic for an oil change, and to have them check it out. It had been nearly three years since we had a professional look at it. That trip cost us $2400. It wasn't a big deal because we had not had any major repairs at all with it, and we havent had to make a car payment on it since 2000. It is also basically our tooling around town car, we use our Jeep for family outings etc.

Anyways, we made the decision that we'd fork over the money, because we can't really afford a monthly car payment right now (the Jeep is fully paid as well). Last week, all the coolant flushed out of the car while Candace was on the highway, and the car started smoking. So I got a truck to take it to the mechanic, and they tooled with it, thought they had fixed it, for $250. No problem with that, fine we're good...or we're not.

So now its $1300. It took them a day to find the latest problem, and since we made the decision to stick with the old bird, we pretty much have to pay up. So almost $4000 worth of work for a car thats worth $1000 MAX. I guess I should really be thankful that's basically all we've had to pay for that thing in ten years.

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Date:2007-03-18 21:19
Subject:I forgot I had this thing
Mood: thankful

Yeah, I forgot all about this thing.

So I'll start posting some shit, and I'm sure someone will read it! So here is a poem...

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue,
In Soviet Russia
Poem writes YOU!!

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